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In 1909, Marcel Leyat, an engineer from the tiny mountain town of Die in southeastern France, designed and built his first airplane. Not long after, he ran out of money. The young engineer had trained in aeronautics, only to find his skillset obsolete in a market controlled by the military; bespoke airplanes were a dying Read More

German car maker BMW appears to be in the process of inventing a collapsible steering wheel for autonomous cars. Patent drawings obtained by a BMW owners forum show the steering wheel is designed to change from a perfect circle to the shape of a football. The idea, apparently, is that the more compact design gives those in the driver’s seat more Read More

The software started as a way to evaluate the reliability of systems that look for anomalies in aircraft components and respond to them in flight. Today it is predicting how autonomous drones will behave and how drugs will move through the body, and its creators see no reason why it couldn’t be applied to any Read More

Previous research has indicated that general cognitive ability, or IQ, is mostly related to specific areas of grey matter in the brain, including temporal, parietal and frontal regions. A new meta-analysis published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, however, shows that intelligence is actually a much more distributed phenomenon. In the study, an international team of Read More